Provident Fund Management (BonikBooks)

Our software combines robust functionality with user-friendly interfaces to provide organizations with a powerful tool that enhances efficiency, accuracy, compliance and transparency in provident fund management..
Core Modules :
  • PF Employee Registration
  • PF Nominee Registration
  • Employers Contribution
  • Employees Contribution
  • PF Loan Management
  • PF Investment
  • Provident Fund Encashment
  • Financial Report
  • Employee User Portal
  • Improved Accounting & Bookkeeping Accuracy
  • Access Accounting Data Any Time, Anywhere
  • Reduce Paperwork and Improve Sustainability
  • Easy bank account reconciliation
  • Reduce Costs & Save Money
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Complete Cloud base online software
  • No Need Server/Hardware
  • Unlimited user & Role base User Access Control
  • Multi Branch/Company Manageable
  • Access from any device i.e PC, Laptop, Mobile
  • 24/7 Customer Support